Breakwater Labs is a digital+social+cause agency in Mumbai.


We create+curate stunning visual and storytelling content for discerning+conscious social sector clients.



Primarily we tell digitally-native cause-driven stories through stills and video. We also do commercial photoshoots.


We are a perfect partner to help you tell your CSR stories.


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Jeremiah Rao

+91 98334 44798




Our story starts in Mumbai where we started an NGO consulting company, Coord, and a CSR consultancy, Amana. Almost every week we would discover a new amazing story of people doing heroic things, companies going out of their way to care for society, governments doing good to provide care and justice to citizens - but we always found one problem.

The stories just weren't getting told. Somehow, for some reason, all these amazing stories were hidden behind the walls of bad marketing, sloppy copies, mediocre photography and boring videos.

Breakwater Labs was formed in 2017 to break through the monotony of wave after wave of mediocrity in NGO communications. 

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